Error after installing Nero Express

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Hello I have Nero installed in my system and I am sure that it is completely good and no problem with installation and then I encountered an error and don’t know the reason for that error and I got 2 options Yes and No so I am not getting what to select and the error is that your disc is not empty and the image is as follows and kindly provide me solution.

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The disc you have inserted is not empty,but the writing mode of your completion is'Start multisession'or'nomultisession'.

This will cause the information already on the disc to be inaccessible via Windows Explorer.

Should Nero proceed with writing to this disc? 

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Error after installing Nero Express



Since the error message says, by initiating a multisession burn on this disc will make the information previously on the disk to be unreachable through Windows Explorer because the new data substitutes the files previously on the disc. This means user can only use the most recently burnt session and not the previous ones through Windows Explorer.

The best troubleshooting tip for this problem not to arise is to Initiate or Start a multi session burn on a fresh empty disc, and for following burning sessions select to continue that multisession option. This conquer the error of replacing one session by another and all the data that is burnt onto your disc will be added incrementally as per the multisession rules and the data is also perfectly linked between all the sessions which makes everything accessible by means of Windows Explorer.

But If you have came across this error and still wanted to access the data on all the sessions, you can use IsoBuster which is one the best utility for CD and DVD data recovery.

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