Trouble using RocketDock Folder, Can’t find my files :'(

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I installed RocketDock this morning and transferred almost of my desktop shortcuts and folders to the RocketDock. When I had created the spring, I have all my links in a folder in the Dock so that I would be able to restore the desktop to its original state, when I changed my mind about using Rocket Dock.

The folder I had saved on my desktop information and many important files, folders, documents and programs I've gathered over the past 3 years to have my laptop.

Well, I am unable to open the folder to access all the contents within. I have searched all files and folders, but have not found "no results" or an error message that says, "The file cannot be opened because it contains an incorrect path, would you like to delete this file?"

I know I call my program from the Start menu, but I'm more concerned about the files inside. I can not even access it through the respective programs is to be opened.

(Example: I directly open Photoshop and try to load a .psd from my folder, but my computer shows an error message and afterward deletes the file.).

I can not delete the folder without the spring, and I find no way to open or to one of the files inside. If you know of a solution to retrieve the contents of my wallet,

Please help.

Thanks in advance.

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Trouble using RocketDock Folder, Can’t find my files :'(


Check again the settings of your RocketDock application. Maybe because of too much customization on the program you accidentally enabled or disabled an option that made you unable to access the folders.

Since you are already having problems using RocketDock try resetting the application to its default setting.

  1. Access the application’s options by right-clicking on the RocketDock.
  2. When the menu appears, click Dock Settings then select Defaults. This will reset RocketDock’s settings back to default just like when you first installed it.

Resetting RocketDock to its factory settings does not affect any of the items in the dock.

Always remember that RocketDock does not backup any of the items you drag into the dock. If you still need additional information about RocketDock,

Visit the Help page.

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