Error on ADSP-21479, SPI Flash

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I am getting this error on ADSP-21479, SPI Flash. "Port doesn't exist or isn't opened with PC at 0x124450"
Hello, everyone! I need your help with the error I receive when using the Flash Programmer. I use the Flash Programmer to save the test code to the SPI memory of Flash that is on located on the developing board. I am doing this so that the code would automatically run every time the board is switched on.
Previously, the other codes that I have are working with the board by passing through the USB ICE. Now, these codes are no longer working as they used to.
I have tried to isolate the problem by running the code that is used to read and write the Status Register in Flash, in other places. I get this error when I did that.



***port doesn't exist or isn't opened***with PC at:0x124450

I have no idea what the error is for and I also have no idea how to fix the issues I am experiencing. I need help in fixing this. If you could give any recommendations, I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much!

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Error on ADSP-21479, SPI Flash


Hi Beeky, try to boot your target from different source by changing the boot mode, or try erasing the flash.  Now if it runs without the error, maybe the boot kernel or code that runs from flash is configuring the external port.  If the error still exist, try to run the code with two boards. insert the USB-iced into board but don't open Visual DSP++ and try plugging power to the developing board, It will boot and execute code.  Try attaching emulator header, until it connects to the target IDDE, it will "break in"  to the core and debug.  If you run the code on SPI flash  before connecting, some configuration is taking place ( PLL, external port,etc) that allows example code to run.

Hope this will help.

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