Error (-3001) on Updating iTunes to 10.1.1

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Currently I was using a Sony Vaio notebook which was equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo CPU. When I tried to update the iTunes to Version 10.1.1 from Version 10.0.1, this error message appeared.

Please advise what I shall do.  

Many thanks. 

'Error Message'
The update iTunes can't be saved – a networking error has occurred. Cannot open file (-3001) Make sure you can connect to the internet and try again.
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Error (-3001) on Updating iTunes to 10.1.1


That is a problem with the internet connection, which is interrupting the download. Do the following:

  • Ping the network connection speed to see if there is a problem with it. You can do that  by simply going to start, and then type run in the search field. Locate Run from the list of programs and then click on to open it. Type cmd in the search box to open the command prompt and there you will type "ping" without quotes to see if there is a problem with the internet connection.
  • In case there is no connection to the internet, then you will need to restart the router so as to refresh the network settings that may be idle and therefore causing problems.
  • You can also restart the computer, for simply doing that may restore connection to the internet.

When you have established that there is connection to the internet, you can now try updating itunes again.

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Error (-3001) on Updating iTunes to 10.1.1



Hello Tomusher,

It seems that, updating to Itunes version 10.1.1 has some serious problem. Not only you are facing this problem, but also there are many who are facing the exact same problem (-3001). Even after updating, you can’t even open your new version of Itunes 10.1.1. It will be crashing. So, it will be better if you do not update your current Itunes version.

You could download the Itunes 10.1.1 and install manually instead updating the current version. So, download it from here:


Now, do the following things:

1.       Make a back up for important files of your current itunes 10.0.1.

2.       Uninstall Itunes 10.0.1 and delete all the current leftover files of Itunes from your system.

3.       Now install the latest version of iTunes that you downloaded.


Hope you have found your solution.


Good luck

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Error (-3001) on Updating iTunes to 10.1.1


Thank you Yoresh Zen for the information!

I uninstalled my older version and downloaded the new version instead of updating.

Thank you for the solution! 

Thank you very much TechyV!

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