Error 200301 occurred at property node

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I just got this typographical error trying to update Pulse Generation Property but unable to set this at property Node. Do you have any idea to resolve this weird error message? Any help would be grateful. Thanks.

Error -200301 occurred at property node DAQmx Channel (agr 1) in change pulse

Possible reason (s)

Cannot update the pulse Generation property

The pulse generation with pervious property settings must complete a full cycle before the property can be updated.

Task Name:_unnamedTask<0>

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Error 200301 occurred at property node


Hi Tony,
The error is because the time period specified is not of proper duration.
There are multiple solutions to resolve this error.
Solution 1: Set the time values properties
1) Generate a pulse using the High Time and Low Time properties
2) Set the sum of values of the High Time and Low Time is always less than software wait time
3) After maintaining these values, the error will be resolved

Solution 2: Set the value of the pulse generation with ticks
1) Calculate the total pulse period by adding the values of High Ticks and Low Ticks
2) Divide the sum of frequency of the tick source
3) The calculated result must satisfy the condition as pulse period < loop wait time
4) After the values are in the specific range the problem can be resolved

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