Supreme Ruler 2020 default.unit file error

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On my computer I have installed Windows Vista and I upgrade it for games. Currently I am playing Supreme Ruler 2020. I have installed upgrade that I got from one of the forums. I can't remember what version of the update was. But all I know is that I got an error message when I want to start a game.

Can someone help me with this?

My best


File Open Error

Cannot open file: D:Program FilesSupreme Ruler 2020GoldMapsDataDEFAULT.UNIT.

Could not find a part of the path ‘D:Program FilesSupreme Ruler 2020 GoldMapsDataDEFAULT.UNIT.

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Supreme Ruler 2020 default.unit file error


Hi Deexter,

If you have upgraded the system as per requirement of the game, like the RAM, Display etc., then the issue is with the privileges.

In Windows Vista as well as Windows 7, the game requires administrative privileges to run.

In order to provide these privileges you can do either of the two things.

1. Right click the game Icon- Click on PROPERTIES- click on COMPATIBILITY- and choose to run as Administrator

2. You can also always right click the icon and click on “run as administrator”


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Supreme Ruler 2020 default.unit file error


Hello there,

You are saying that you upgraded your games from a forum and you also upgraded the PC, but my point is did you checked the reviews of the users of that forum! I hope you did not miss that. Whatever you can solve it easily.

1.   Login into Windows as administrator.

2.   Download a DEFAULT.UNIT file from the internet. (This is almost available on so many sites just Google about it.)

3.   Now go to “driver name:Program FilesSupreme Ruler 2020 GoldMapsData”.

4.   Now paste the DEFAULT.UNIT in there.

Also re-install the 3.5 .NET framework and the browser.

Thank you,

Riley weaver

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