Error 1327 Invalid Drive G.

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On installing any program, I face ‘error 1327 invalid drive g’. How to resolve this error? How to fix error 1327 invalid drive g error?

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Error 1327 Invalid Drive G.


There are two ways to get rid of this issue.

1. Go to Start button, search Command Prompt in the search bar, right-click and select ‘run as Administrator’. Type ‘subst G: C:’ in Command Prompt, press enter. Now close Command Prompt and try to re-install your program.

2. Go to start and search partition hard disk in the search bar. Select Create and format a hard disk in the control panel. You can also go to Control panel>Disk Management directly.

So now your disk management window will open. Click on any of the volumes that have got space in it. Right-click on this volume, click on shrink. Now enter the value in ‘amount of space to shrink’ option in MB. Click on shrink. When it finishes, you will have a chunk of unallocated space, right click on it. Choose new simple volume. Now a new simple volume wizard will open. Click on next. Again click next. Now assign the following drive a letter (in this case its g), click next. Finally, click on finish.

Now you can see a new drive g in My Computer.

Re-install your program.

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