Different Registry Cleaners Produce Different Results

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I downloaded a registry cleaner under a free trial period and when I ran the software I got a lot of registry errors, yet when I scanned the same PC using the software you recommended there was not a single error.

I am just wondering why they have different results?

Is one cleaner different from another?


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Different Registry Cleaners Produce Different Results


Yes, your assumption is true. All applications, even if they have the same purpose, have different behaviors. They treat a value or a supposedly error differently. One application may treat a value or an entry in the registry as an error but the other application may ignore it because the application has a different value in its subroutines in considering or in distinguishing a value and when to consider it as an error or if it has or it contains an error.

This is the same with antivirus software as what I noticed when scanning different types of files. I have a manipulated video editing installer that can be installed as a registered version. Scanning the file using Norton Antivirus will show a pop-up dialog box at the bottom right corner of the screen informing the user that the file is a threat in the system because it is an illegal tool and will automatically delete or move the executable file to quarantine. But scanning the same manipulated file with Panda Cloud Antivirus will just ignore it and just consider it just like any other clean file.

There is also one instance when I tried playing one game on two different computers with different antivirus running. When I played Butterfly Escape on one computer that has Norton Antivirus, the game runs smoothly without any warning. But when I tried playing the game on the other computer that has McAfee Antivirus, the main executable file of the game was immediately deleted and moved to quarantine after launching it. Then a message appears on the screen informing that the file is infected with a generic virus or something. The game installed on the two computers came from one installer and yet they have different results on two antivirus applications.

There’s no problem if the two registry cleaners you have gave different results. Just always create a backup before attempting any repairs on the registry so you can restore it back to what it used to be if something goes wrong.

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Different Registry Cleaners Produce Different Results



I recommend to you to use some of the best world programs for cleaning the registry.

First of them is NodAntivirus32 and the second one was TuneUp. Both programs are not free but with some little searching and l hard work you can find everything what you want, even license for these two programs.

They are going to keep safe your computer.

I hope that this post helped you.

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