Error 1:0x13,2:0x80400034 on connecting Blu-Ray player to my computer

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I just bought an XPS 12 from Dell and the store tells me that it can play Blu-Ray disk. I also bought Blu-Ray player from Imation together with Nero Platinum 12. However, when trying to connect it to my computer, an error showed up. It is connected through a USB cord from my computer to the Blu-Ray hardware device. How can I fix the error?

Nero Blu-Ray Player

The connection to your display does not meet the system requirements for Blu-ray. Please check your system for HDCP compatibility or use the analog output. (Error-Code(1:0x13,2:0x80400034))


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Error 1:0x13,2:0x80400034 on connecting Blu-Ray player to my computer


It is a common issue with HDCP. This problem is happening because you are trying to watch HDCP encoded content when utilizing an HDMI cable. HDCP is a secure aspects which are developed by Intel Corporation, that needs the use of HDCP certified products so that to receive an HDCP encrypted digital signal.

As it works by encrypting a digital signal with a key so need authentication from the transmitting & receiving product. That means if authentication fails, the signal will fail. Your device or cable if isn’t HDCP compliant then you will get an HDCP error.

To solve this issue you need to replace the HDMI cable with a non-digital cable / replace the HDCP less device. After replacing a newer HDTV with HDCP, your Blu-ray disc player worked perfectly with HDMI cables. 

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