Error 0xc000000f: Windows Vista Not Booting

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I had a problem with a Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit and it was not booting. I did a Master Boot Record (MBR) repair and it got fixed. I then tried booting it numerous times without any issues and handed it over to a client. But now it is displaying “Error 0xc000000f.  An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data.” I did a Master Boot Record (MBR) repair; it booted without any problem and then showed the same error message. I did Seagate diagnostic, but it couldn’t identify any problem. I have tried all the possible solutions, Malware scans, and rootkit/bootkit scans. But no errors were detected. MBRcheck reported that the MBR is a standard Vista boot record. What could be causing the error? Please help me detect and resolve it.

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Error 0xc000000f: Windows Vista Not Booting


Before proceeding on the steps below please do back up your files. As windows Vista and its booloader are far more complex than XP, restoring and repairing it is far more complex. Please try to do the steps below to rebuild the Boot configuration Data.:

· Using the Vista installation disk, start the pc by booting from the CD or DVD

· Choose Repair Option

· Click on Next

· Under the System Recovery options, choose to open the Command Prompt.

· Type Bootrec? Rebuildbcd, then press Enter

If the CD is not available, you can try to use EasyBCD to repair it. Information regarding the procedure can be found here.

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Error 0xc000000f: Windows Vista Not Booting




You can try any of the following methods to resolve the issue:

1.  Check whether the CD drive is connected properly. Try reconnecting the wires. Also ensure that the hardware drivers are up to date by checking the drive manufacturer website.

2.  If you have the Windows Vista CD, try copying the system32 file using these steps:

1) Choose to boot from Windows Vista DVD.

2) Select “Repair” option.

3) Type the following in the Command prompt: copy c:WindowsSystem32bootwinload.exe c:windowssystem32

4) Restart computer.

3. The last resort is to install a clean copy of Windows using windows installation disc. Please note that, in this case you have to back up all the important data and software and re-install it after installing the new windows

Hope this works.

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Error 0xc000000f: Windows Vista Not Booting


Chruise fan, your an angel, you saved me! I followed your steps, easily boot from Vista CD and choose repair. I type the following command prompt you gave copy c:WindowsSystem32bootwinload.exe c:windowssystem32. Restart the laptop and done! Thank you very much

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Error 0xc000000f: Windows Vista Not Booting


That error is related to the BCD or the Boot Configuration Database of Microsoft Windows which is required by the Boot Manager to boot the operating system. It is a database of entries and configuration options which serves as a global store for all boot-related options and settings.

If the BCD is not found during boot up then the error code “0xc000000f” appears on the screen and the boot process stops. One of the possible reasons why this error is triggered is if the BCD is missing or corrupt. Another possible reason is an error in the file system. Another reason is if the hard drive data cable is faulty.

To fix the problem, insert your Windows setup DVD on the optical drive then restart your computer. Boot your computer from the DVD then press any key when you see “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD…” On the next screen, set your language and keyboard options and then select “Repair your computer”.

Wait until it is finished scanning your computer for Windows installations and then select your installation. Click “Next”. On the next screen, select “Startup Repair” then wait until the repair is finished.

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