Embedding LaTex Codes Into HTML Webpage

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I want to include some algebraic equations into a webpage. If there is any easy way of compiling the LaTeX into an image and uploading, or  having the browser parse the code directly, please let me know how.

Example: f(x)= x2 +2x+1


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Embedding LaTex Codes Into HTML Webpage


Things like mathURL can be used to embed mathematical implications directly. In case of algebraic LaTex Codes, jsMath, MathJax and MathML are JavaScript libraries, which provide client side rendering of LaTeX formulas. MathOverflow uses jsMath to render LaTeX in an HTML code.

Putting the original LaTeX in an "alt" tag on an image can not be accessed. It rather relies on the end-user being able to understand crude LaTeX source code. Since MathML is part of the entire XHTML suite, it can be styled in the same way as the remaining document including cascading. The MathML files are smaller than PNG files, so accessing is also easier.

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