Editing images and designs using Photoshop

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Please give me the easy steps on using Photoshop. I have some difficult designs and images to edit and the images have 3 layers of design. The top has a pair of glasses; the next layer has an additional image with an identical design like the base.

The base layer has the focal point of the design though has blurred images. I want to make it look like a well-designed face mask with eyeglasses.

Could I make it animated to make it look as if it is “moving” when viewed by my clients?

Please assist.



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Editing images and designs using Photoshop


Understanding Photoshop can be a serious trouble sometimes but people gradually understand it anyway.you can use the pattern stamp tool for painting a pattern in a Photoshop library or a pattern which you created.You can use the Healing brush in Adobe Photoshop to correct small imperfections in an old photo. Use the magic wand tool for selecting or unselected areas you want to work with and cut them.

Use the clone tool for copying something.Use the patch tool for removing objects from you photo that you don't want in the picture.

Animations can not be done by Photoshop.

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Editing images and designs using Photoshop


Hello Jenni,

You took a very difficult job as newbie, after using Photoshop for about last three years I don’t think that I did so many works like that. So you have to make three layers. For that you have to open a window inside the Photoshop. Go to window option and find out the layer option.

Click on that a small window will appear. Now do some unnecessary works by opening few layers. You will have all the editing tools on the right side, if not than you can bring that too from window menu. Try to use glossy colors for the mask because that goes nice with that. You can blur the image using blur option, but before that you have to select that section.

As far I know after Photoshop CS they included a new option to make animations. So you can do that too. I mean moving the images.

Thank you,

Riley weaver

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