Doubts on Sweet Home 3D

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Now I am trying to study about 3D softwares, I heard about this Sweet Home 3D software. It have lots of good reviews. I want study this software. But when I start working on it, it seems quite difficult for me.

Someone please help me with this software, It will be a great help. I want to know about its basic tools.

Thank you

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Doubts on Sweet Home 3D



        Sweet Home 3D may be a free interior style application that helps you place your furniture on a house 2nd arrange, with a 3D preview.
This program is geared toward those who need to style their interior quickly, whether or not they are moving or they simply need to revamp their existing home. varied visual guides assist you draw the arrange of your home and layout furniture. you'll draw the walls of your rooms upon the image of an existing arrange, and then, drag and drop furniture onto the arrange from a catalog organized by classes. every amendment within the 2nd arrange is simultaneously updated within the 3D read, to point out you a practical rendering of your layout.
To create a home, merely use the default home created at Sweet Home 3D launch or click on the New home button within the tool bar.
The recommended steps of a home style in Sweet Home 3D are:
1. Import the scanned blueprint of your home as a background image of the house arrange,
2. Draw walls upon this background image,
3. Edit walls thickness, colours and textures,
4. Add doors and windows to your home arrange and modify their size, to get a practical read of your empty home,
5. Add furniture to your home arrange, modify their size and site, eventually using imported 3D models,
6. Draw rooms and alter the colour or the feel of their floor and their ceiling,
7. If your home has over one story, add levels and staircases joining them, and restart the primary six steps for every level,
8. Draw dimensions and add texts in your home attempt to document it before printing it.    

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