Video Codecs’ benefits and softwares

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Can you guys enlighten me on video codecs and how does it specifically work?

I also wanted to have a list of existing softwares in relation to it that I can download for free from the internet. Thank you.

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Video Codecs’ benefits and softwares


Video Codec is a program that supports compressing and decompressing of videos of digital videos. It is a computer program that drops large movie files so that you can play it on your PC. It is required on most media players to be able to play videos, music and movies. There are tons of codecs available on the web right now and you need some of them to play your files. Some common codecs used are MPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DV, WMV DiVX and more.

Click the link below to get free codecs:

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Video Codecs’ benefits and softwares




Hi Harry Viktor,

Media player normally play video and audio but there are those circumstances where by the latest movies and mobile camera video may not be played using media player due to the fact that the media player is lacking some codes.

This codes may be gotten from the internet download or by installing a media player which has these codes already installed in.

Once you install this the video will be played nomally

Examples of those codecs and media player with those codes are:


1)VLC media player : it is simple ,has many features and it is very easy to use

2)K-Lite mega codec pac: Contain large codec for mega audio and video

3)Vista CODEC pack:Ment for vista Mediaa player if installed can be able to play almost all the video

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