Domain and workgroup environment working procedures

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I have 20 PCs in my office LAN, I wanted to make 10 on the domain and 10 in workgroup, to introduce some security measures as group policy on domain and no security policy in workgroup. 

As these are for upper management, please guide me step by step on the procedure.

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Domain and workgroup environment working procedures


Thank you for choosing Domain & Workgroup Computer System. Please Flow Step by Step.


First you need a Server computer and Install "Windows Server 2003". Then create a domain (DNS=Domain Name Service) by checking run Program and write "dcpromo" and press enter. Write Domain Name you want and click next / ok some step and then finish.

Restart your computer and Run domain security policy by Administrative Tools. Select the measurement for "group policy & Active Directory system". Restart again and set Server IP Address, Subnet Mask & DNS IP ( Like


Run by clicking "Active Directory System" by Administrative tools and create user and user details, server network path, database path and give password, you should have permit for them. In the Active directory service by the left side, right click the mouse button on the DNS and select Properties. Run "Group Policy". This feature secures your server the most and create group and you done different Permission and Restriction all Users. 


The Next step is the client/workgroup computer you want to connect the Domain. Each computer you need LAN connection and all connections linked on a Switching HUB. The server must be connected to this switch. The LAN speed in each connection need 10MBPS to 100MBPS.


In the Client Computer you want to connect with Domain you need

  • First install those computer different operating system and configure the IP address. You also insert different IP address but Remember every computer needs a DNS IP Address. You must set all computer server DNS IP Address. Then you need to connect domain. Click the right button in the mouse by "My Computer" ; select Properties. In Properties you can see the Computer name and other features. Select "change" and write the "Domain Name" in the domain tab.
  • When you press ok the DNS will ask you the Administrative User & Password. Please enter the correct password, then you will be able to connect with the Domain. If you want to access with domain, you must log on your permitted user account and Password under domain name. In those computers you do not need to connect domain, you have to set them as a workgroup computer. Click the right button in the mouse pointer on the "My Computer" select Properties. In the Properties tab click change. Write Workgroup computer name in the workgroup site and click ok. The wizard automatically connects those computers in the workgrop by restarting. All workgroup computer workgroup name must be the same. You will be able to share files, folders, images etc in the workgroup computer but not access domain computer.

If you want any further details please feel free to contact me.

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