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Hi and thanks for these websites. It is really of great help.

I have a question about  modem sharing. I have two computers running on Windows XP Professional SP3. I want to share the broadband modem so that when I am using or someone else is using the other computer, we don't have to unplug that modem.

I have tried to configure, but I think I am not putting everything in place. I want someone who understands these, to please explain to me step by step procedure of sharing the modem. Don't leave anything please, it could be a mistake that I am making. I will be very grateful.

Thank you.

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  • Well, if you have recently started using a network, then I would like to tell you that, If you are using a modem in a computer you can't share it on any other computer.
  • This is because every computer has its own Physical Address and also an IP address. This is a unique number which is different from any other computers in the world.
  • For example ( Physical Address are usually like this EA-0J-E6-0P-7Y & IP address is So when you start using the internet, these addresses are being used by you.  So nobody can use the same address for linking with internet.
  • For a solution, you can buy a Wireless Modem/ Router and then Connect wires to your PC or connect wirelessly with you laptop. That will depend on you. After doing that you can share the medium, with the PC. But the speed of your link will be slow as you have multiple users for the same network.
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Sorry, but there is no such term as modem sharing.  A standard modem (DSL/Cable), can only accommodate one computer(or game console) at a time ?

  • Because when you subscribe for an internet connection with one modem, you are given one public IP address. One public IP address for a single computer. Hard to accept, but that is how it works and that  it is how it's configured. Even if the modem has an Ethernet port and a USB port, you can only use one or the other. Because again, there is only one signal(IP address) broadcasted by the modem.
  • To resolve this, you need a device to distribute the signal to your computers. What I strongly advise is you get a router. Since the modem can only send signal to one device, it should be ONLY the router connected to the modem. A router's feature is to route and split the signal to devices in forms of private IP addresses. If you use a hardwired connection, you must have two extra Ethernet cords to connect your computers to the router. A standard router has 4 LAN Ethernet ports and a wireless broadcast.
  • Famous router brands are Dlink, Belkin, Cisco-Linksys, Netgear, Airport Extreme, etc. There are other modems that have router capabilities – modem/routers. Other ISPs provide these devices because it is easy to install and easy to configure. And you don't need an additional device to use multiple computers at the same time.
  • They also have 4 LAN ports and a WiFi broadcast. Examples of such are Motorola Surf Board Gateway, Netgear modem/routers, 2-wire modems, etc.



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