Does Xen Server support RAID software?

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For those who have a dedicated server with two HDD, the common idea is to put them in a RAID via software, but when you use it with a Xen server, a problem will occur.

Does Xen server support it?

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Does Xen Server support RAID software?



XenServer presently doesn't support software system RAID of Dom0. Its potential to put together RAID one on extra native disk's victimization software system RAID. See the subsequent statement.
How to produce a XenServer Storage Repository on a FAKERAID Volume.
XenServer Host installation on a FAKERAID volume (as against real hardware RAID volume) isn't however, supported, however, you'll produce a Storage Repository on a RAID volume when putting in XenServer Host.
For this procedure, you wish three exhausting disks, 2 that square measure organized as RAID1, and also the third that isn't a locality of the RAID array.
1. Install the XenServer Host software system with its Storage Repository over the third disk, the individual one. Once the XenServer Host Comes up at the top of the installation method, the subsequent modules needed for FAKERAID ought to be mechanically loaded. If they're not, you will load these driver's victimization following commands:
insmod /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/driver/md/dm-mod.ko
insmod /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/driver/md/dm-mirror.ko
2. Active the RAID array victimization the subsequent command:
dmraid -ay -v
Note: This command creates a RAID device as /dev/mapper/your_raid.
3. Produce a Storage Repository on this RAID volume victimization CTX116339 – a way to produce a brand-new Storage Repository (SR) and build it the Default.
4. Detach the initial storage repository victimization the subsequent command:
sm detach SR-ID -f
5. Restart the XenServer Host. It mechanically hundreds the new RAID volume as its active Storage Repository.
This document applies to:
XenEnterprise 3.1
XenEnterprise 3.2
XenEnterprise 4.0
XenServer 3.1
XenServer 3.2
XenServer 4.0 
This Ideal resolution would be to put in a hardware RAID controller and put together with RAID one. This has been organized to enter the sector victimization software system RAID one. However, please note this is often not supported.

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