Secure Connection Failed Error in Connecting to Server

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I am trying to connect to a secured game server but it always failed and gives me an error “Secure Connection Failed”. 

I searched online for solutions and possible causes and found out that it may be because of connection issue I checked on it and it is firmly working, Security Software I never have any problems with the same kind before but I checked on the firewall and everything is correctly set), Background Applications (there are no active applications running in the background).  

What could be it?

Please help.

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Secure Connection Failed Error in Connecting to Server


Secure Connection Failed it occurs several time.

But you have not specified more information about why connection failed. You have not told about your browser.

I mean when you browse a site you can see Secure Connection Failed" then there some reason are listed below the line Secure Connection Failed" explaining your problem.

So check the problem again first. You may see Mozilla Firefox Secure Connection Failed" problem and solve on .

You may also come out this problem following this: type about: Config on the address bar of Mozilla Firefox.

Then you will see I’ll be careful, I promise! click on it.then you have to double click on browser.ssl_override_behavior and change the value into 2 from 1.

Finally restart the browser.

Hope you good luck.

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