Do You Know Any Deleting Zero Byte Count Utility?

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Hi Friends!

I am looking for any deleting zero byte count utility. Can anyone please help me? Do you know any utility which I can run in Windows XP which search and delete zero byte files?  If you are using, then please make suggestions and recommendations. Also, please explain the useful features of the application or the utility and how to use it on Windows XP.

Thank you so much for your time.

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Do You Know Any Deleting Zero Byte Count Utility?


Hi Alisa,

I have found a good utility software that can aid your problem. It is called CloneSpy which can find and remove duplicate files or folders and 0 byte file in your computer. It is a free program and very user-friendly. By using this utility you can easily maintain a good space in your hard drive. You can download the software here.

Another suggested utility program is PC Garbage Remover, it also does the same thing but it has the capability to keep your computer at peak performance. However you need to purchase this program but you can try it for 50-day trial.

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Do You Know Any Deleting Zero Byte Count Utility?


Hi Alisa 

There is a nice program called Easy Recovery. It has feature called Junk files cleaner that can clean the junk and zero space files for you. And that is how to do it in this program.



When you launch it you will choose junk files cleaner and choose  drives you want to clean up then click next. 



Choose which extensions you want to check and you can add to this list then hit next.

Wait for then scan to complete then hit next.


You can view the files by clicking on the blue click here when your done click next.


You can choose what ever you want to permanently delete them or move them to one folder or move them to recycle bin.

You can know more about the product from here.

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