Problem in Rar video compression rate

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I am using win rar software.

I am trying to compress an 900 Mb Video the Rar video compression rate is 99 percent but it did not compress.

I try to fix that problem but failed to do so please if any one about that help me to fix my problem.

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Problem in Rar video compression rate


Hello Hannahtwc,

Your problem seems to be easy if you want to divide your file into smaller value of MB you can use Hjspilt.

This program will help you to divide your file/video/zip to what you want,

Please follow my instruction below and learn how to split and join a zipped file.

  1. Open hjsplit – click split
  2. Browse for the zipped file
  3. Choose destination/output for the designated zipped to split
  4. Choose how many byte you want for the dividing.
  5. Wait to finish.

Now for the joining this will what you do.

  1. Open hjsplit – click join
  2. Remember the Splitted file you made should be on a one folder or location
  3. Search for the file example movizip.001
  4. Put an output
  5. Your done

Here is the link for the hjplit

 Hope I helped you please free to post more question.

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