Do i need a database for my business?

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Consider the following situation, you work in a company which specializes in community branding and your employer has asked you to come up with a certain database which contains all the necessary data which includes yearly business growth analysis information after a company has signed a contract with the company and before the contract. 

This data shall therefore be useful in wooing some clients to have them sign a business contract with your company. The database should easily generate quality reports and also be easy to update. I am not really sure if I require a database at all and if I do require one which is the most suitable one for carrying out such a task? Your suggestions shall be really helpful.

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Do i need a database for my business?


It seems that all you want from the data is the basic calculated results on which your company can make crucial decisions like whether to sign a new contract with that company next year if it is giving you more profit than the other companies.

Well for this purpose any small database tool like Excel can do the work for you. However if your records are in millions then you need to use a bigger database tool because Excel is good up to few 100k's.

You just make a database and make a table which has all the information that you are saying. Make a contract company table too and as a joint to join the two tables. In one table calculate the yearly business growth and then use the other table to see the contract company. This is how you can compare the business growth rate with the contract company and then differentiate them.

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