Export Database in Mongo Database as MySQL

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Hi friends

Iam new to Mongo Database. I have worked with MySQL before. In MySQL we can export database easily. I want to know in Mongo Database is there any option to export database easily.




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Export Database in Mongo Database as MySQL


Hello Alden,


There is not really a 1-1 correspondence between tables in SQL and collections in MongoDB — for occasion; the Address table in SQL rehabilitated into a variety parched into each customer’s record in Mongo and so on.


Three things to export:

You must export all of the applicable servings of the “Translate XML”, using XSLT, to mongoimport-friendly JSON

Using mongoimport, import it to mongo

The restricted access at this time appears to develop into #2. XML->JSON change for 3 million customer records (each with demography info and includes address and order arrays) with libxslt, it will takes hours.


This is the very best yet difficult way to do such exporting. I am looking for some easy pre-built method but it seems that, no one can do it.


I hope this helps!

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