Disk boot failure while dual booting Win XP and Win 2007

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It all happened when I do dual booting. (Windows XP and Windows 2007)

This prompted a message appeared when i started the computer after booting. 

Locading Operating system …


I already checked the boot devices and it is placed properly. The next move was to reinstall the Operating System. I carefully set up the boot devices and placed it properly, arranged, detailed by detailed. I followed the prompted instructions to make sure that no errors will come out upon installing. When the installation is done and the computer is started, the prompted message still remains as failed!

Can everyone here on the site, explain to me what the main problem of the system is?

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Disk boot failure while dual booting Win XP and Win 2007


The boot disk failure have many reasons.

First of all check out the setting of the BIOS and the other way is to go to the main setup of the computer and set the boot option as default. You just simply go to the CMOS setting and then check out the BIOS setting. The way is to press the F2 bottom when the computer starts and you will go into the BIOS setting ; then you will see different options. Select the CMOS setting.
The startup setting must be 1. Floppy disk 2. CD Rom 3. Hard Drive. If there is not setup this way, then change according to this way ; then save and quit.
Restart the computer and hope you will no longer receive the message. If this also does not work, then there should be a problem with your motherboard.
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Disk boot failure while dual booting Win XP and Win 2007



This error occurs when the computer cannot detect the operating system during booting. This maybe be caused by
(1) presence of CDs/DVDs in its drives ;
(2) the boot options are incorrectly set in BIOS;
(3) you have a newly installed hard drive;
(4) your hard disk may not be properly plugged;
(5) you have a damaged hard disk/partition; and,
(6) your files that are needed to boot are corrupted.
To fix this, do the following:
1. Make sure that each drives are empty.
2. Set up BIOS correctly. (This is done by pressing F8 during booting, and change the boot sequence to C:).
3. For newly installed hard drive, insert the installation and restart your computer.
4. Switch off your computer and check the cable connections in your computer. Ensure hard disk, motherboard and other parts are properly plugged and installed.
5. Try to re-install/reformat the damaged hard disk/partition.
6. Reboot your computer with the system installation CD, when running, type "Dir C:", if you are able to access the contents of drive C, type "fdisk /mbr" and "sys c:".

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