I am collecting images from a recent event from a few different people.

I can use email, but the emails will probably be too big. I could use cloud storage, but that means everyone must have an account for that provider.

So, I am looking for a free web-app to allow other people to share pictures with me.


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Greetings Techyv members. I would like to know how to install Netapp operations manager storage for all my gathered data of my online business. What can you recommend to make this more effective? How can I download Netapp operations manager without any glitches or any issues that may arise during the installation process. 

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My dell power point icon is missing from my desktop. I have created the shortcut and can not locate it somewhere. I have saved my work there. I can not see it in All Programs either. Could I have done something wrong to have lost it? Please help.

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I have been asked to prepare a c project permitting the user to mimic combinational intelligence entryways where the user inputs paired qualities for A,B and C and the yield circuit is shown. have been given a template show to utilize with the system which holds the paired illumination for As well as and NOT doors. 

The principal part of the spec advises me to Begin by including C capacities for re-enacting extra sensibility entryways: XOR, XNOR, NAND and NOR. 
All I am searching for is the way could i go regarding addressing the first part…. including c capacities for the XOR, XNOR and so forth sensibility entryways as this part is confounding me? Are there programs on logic gate in C or C++?


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I need to have multiple simulators to work with OnCommand and  that is why I copied and added simulator into NetApp Management Console but now I am getting this error messages. What should I do to ignore this error?



Error details:

Host sto-fas3.mtellin.lab (197) already exists.


Error details

Host already exists. (error 22311)

No suggested corrective action is available.

Copy to clipboard

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From what I have heard, the NetApp Data ONTAP 8 utilizes space quite efficiently by allowing you to store more data in a small amount of space. What are the other pros and cons of the Data ONTAP 8? Are there any sudden loss of data when using this product?

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I want to send a PDF file by Google Document.

I know a little about Google doc.

Dear expert can you help me to solve my problem?

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What makes NetApp's Dynamic Disk Pools a reliable technology in data protection and in failed drive reconstruction and restoration?

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I heard that Meebo services will be stopped very soon. What is the reason behind Meebo shutting down?

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I would just like to ask something. Is the new cloud storage from Google which is Google Drive downloadable? What OS will be compatible with it?

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