Disable force shutdown notifications Windows 7

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Each time I shutdown my computer (Win7 64-bit) it asks me to force shutdown applications, and it's annoying. Is there a way to just force shutdown immediately?

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Disable force shutdown notifications Windows 7


Its because of another application.

First check the software that you have installed in your system.  When you click on shut down, one or more specific programs running on the background need to be closed manually because of that reason you are always prompted.

Go to search box and type "msconfig" and go to startup tab and check what are the applications that you load when you are loading windows. You can disable less important applications from starting up. it will help you to prevent this problem.

Secondly if you have a multiple user account in your computer when you switch in to another user account your previous account may consist opened or unsaved applications. when you come to turn off computer from switched user account you will be prompted to force shut down.

Or you can check the application that you have installed and reset the options to start them manually.

Hope my answers give you an idea to overcome your problem. For your information I need more specific information to give you an accurate solution.

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Disable force shutdown notifications Windows 7


I’m not sure if the thing you want to do on your computer is such a good idea. This is because when you force shutdown an application without letting it close normally, you are risking of damaging the program. Doing it very frequently will put you on a high chance of getting your files corrupted and if this happens, the program may no longer work or will become unstable.

When you shutdown Microsoft Windows, there is a delay before it completely closes and turns off the machine. This is because the operating system or the computer is waiting for all the files and programs to close before completely terminating the system and turning off the machine. This avoids the loss of data and getting a file corrupt every time the user stops using the computer.

If, in case, Windows always asks you to force shutdown a particular application every time you shutdown the computer then there must be something wrong with that program. Microsoft Windows doesn’t prompt its user to force shutdown every running application on the computer each time you shut it down because the operating system does it for you automatically. So if that’s what’s happening on your computer every time you shut it down, that means that particular program is not functioning correctly.

Check the name of the program that Windows always prompts you. After that, uninstall it then install it back and then verify if Windows will prompt you again regarding the program. If the program is an old version, try updating it to the latest version.

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