System File and Folder Structure that can be used in Windows 7

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The Accounting Manager has a newly bought PC. The PC does not have an Operating System but since we have an extra license for Windows 7 OS, we instantly installed it to the new computer. What I want to know is what system file can you suggest that can be very useful and more secured for the Account Manager PC and will work best in Windows 7? Kindly please explain the advantages of your answer and why did you choose that system file. And also, how can the Account Manager setup a preliminary folder that contains of accounting reports, word processing documents such as documents made from MS Word or Notepad, Memos, and personnel evaluations. Please mention in your answer where you will place the folder structure and what are the names of the new folders that you will use. Thank you very much.



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System File and Folder Structure that can be used in Windows 7


 I have read your problem and have best solution for you.
As you are trying to ask that what file system is best for you while using windows 07?

 I am telling you that NTFS will be appropriate for your required desire. Because FAT system is old file system and it also slow as compare to NTFS so you have to adobe this file system.

This file system not only increases your system working but also supported for the upcoming software versions.
As fat is old file system and that’s why some software versions also required NTFS.

Hope you got the answer.
Best of luck for your future.

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