Different partitions and I recently installed WDP

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My hard drive has different partitions and I recently installed WDP. It says that the installation was successful. However, Whenever I revert to Windows 7, it won't run. I tried all the repairing options but all to no avail. I read that I am not the only one with this problem but I haven't read one that showed a solution.

Hopefully, you could help me.

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Different partitions and I recently installed WDP


Well, if those are two different operating systems that you have on different partitions, then I will suggest that you install them on one partition of your hard drive to make a dual boot instead of installing them on two different partitions. Placing the operating systems on two partitions makes the system 'confused' as to which partition as in the normal case it should boot from the primary hard drive.

So uninstall the operating system that is not on the primary partition and then reinstall it on the primary hard drive partition such that they are a dual boot. That should fix the problem.

-Keegan Robb


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