Difference between OpenOffice and MS Office

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 I am appointed as a computer teacher and the first lecture I have to give is on the topic "OpenOffice". Till now, I have studied, taught and used Microsoft Office. I know, both of them will be related but there might be some difference in the name of tools and functionalities. Can someone please tell me the big differences between Open Office and MS Office. Also tell me some nice points to make my first lecture interesting.

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Difference between OpenOffice and MS Office




Open office is one of the competing product for MS office. And it is free software available for everyone, whereas MS word is paid software. You can take a look on below mentioned points of difference.
1. Open office support, all the platforms like Linus, Solatis, BSD, Open VMS, Microsoft Windows, etc. Whereas MS office only support Windows and Mac platforms.
2. Both the office can share their documents but in Open office you can only share the document with same version of office. but in MS you can convert the document in any version to read the it.
3. In terms of components you will get better options in Ms office like Word, excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Office Picture manager, Info oath, share point, etc.Whereas an open office only provide Writer, Draw, Impress, Base, Calc and Math.
4. You will get full support in MS officeBut for Open office you have taken help from open forum.

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