Unwanted recommended videos on youtube everytime

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I am in a big problem. I thought Google Chrome is the best browser in the world and when I will delete my history, it will delete every video I have watched on youtube. Now, when I open youtube, it is showing a bunch of recommended videos which are related to the previous ones I have watched. I am trapped. Please save me. How can I remove these recommended videos from youtube?

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Unwanted recommended videos on youtube everytime


This means you are not saving all the videos you watched to your local hard drive and relying only on the history of your web browser. If you don’t want the YouTube pages to be deleted together with the browser’s history, always bookmark the pages. When a page is bookmarked or you added the YouTube page to your browser’s bookmarks, the page will remain in the browser.

This way, whenever you want to watch the video again, just go to your browser’s bookmarks section and open the link. Aside from Google Chrome, the Opera browser now has a more unique way of displaying the bookmarked pages. It lets you view bookmarked pages the history-style way or the graphical way.

The default option is using the graphics. When you bookmark a page, it will save a small snapshot of the page and use it together with the site’s information. This way, finding the site or the video will be easy. See image.

If you want to bookmark the pages of the YouTube videos you are watching and be able to find them easily, download and install Opera browser.

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