Difference between HTML and XHTML

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Good evening techyv!

Im planning to study web programming and Im planning to start off with the basics..

They said that before starting to learn php and css, I should have a basic knowledge on HTML..

After searching this language, I found another one called XHTML..

What's the difference between these two and which is easier to learn?

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Difference between HTML and XHTML



Hyper Text Markup Language is abbreviated as HTML. It uses markup tabs to describe a web site or web page. Actually this is not a programming language but markup language. For your better information the authority of World Wide Web (WWW) is vested upon World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The most important web standard is HTML, CSS and XML. Revised or developed version of HTML is XHTML (Extensible Hyper Text Markup Language). As a developed version of HTML, XHTML covers more standard features and your learning should be perfect. Both HTML and XHTML are easy to learn if you want to learn.      

I hope you understand it.


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Difference between HTML and XHTML


XHTML is a new, improved version of HTML based on eXtensible Markup Language (XML). XHTML (eXtensible Hyper Text Markup Language)  is the strict and stable version of HTML.

The original formulation of HTML has some irregularities that can cause heartburn for software that reads HTML documents. XHTML, on the other hand, uses an extremely regular and predictable syntax tha’s easier for software.

Both HTML and XHTML is similar because XHTML is the  descendant  of HTML with additional feature to meet XML standart. XHTML can be used for non-computer application, like in mobile phone application. In simple way, XHTML is the new generation of HTML.

The basic difference between HTML and XHTML are :

1.       In XHTML all tags and elements must properly nested

2.       It is mandatory that all opening tag must have closure tag.

3.       All tag in XHTML written in lowercase, which is not mandatory in HTML

4.       XHTML documents must “well-formed”, means that all elements in XHTML must have 1 root element

5.       Attributes element XHTML should written inside single or double quotation mark

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