Origin of the Information System Foundation

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When was the Information System Foundation originally set up and how did such system create an impact in the information technology age?

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Origin of the Information System Foundation


Research involving information systems  from the early 60’s and 70’s focused on the  bodies of knowledge which contains concepts and results of researches.

It often included the study of information systems and the activities involving information systems. System concepts (both soft and hard), information concepts were used by them.


  • It bridges the business field and the computer science field
  • It has roots in other daily life disciplines such as Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Management Science, Cybernetics, and others.
  • It is a collection which consists  of software, hardware, data, human resources and procedures that co-ordinates and co-operates to get  the quality of information
  • It has strong influence and high impact  on information technology creation/development, use, and application in the different  organizations, which could  either be  a business or corporation.
  • In the world of e-business and e-commerce operations , the role played by Information systems is vital. It also helps with collaboration in enterprise environment including managements. It also contributes to the success of different strategies for businesses, which operates in a global environment joined with the help of internet. Considering all these, we can safely state that information systems have become a major functional area for any sort of business  administration

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