How To Convert ASPX File To PDF In A Few Simple Steps

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Hi. I am a student currently in the second year of engineering. I have taken up Information Technology as my stream. Can you let me know how to convert ASPX file to PDF? Also, how can we open the ASPX file in Windows 7? I need it for my project. Please reply ASAP. Thanks in advance.

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How To Convert ASPX File To PDF In A Few Simple Steps


Hi. To open the ASPX file in Windows 7, copy the file with the extension ASPX on the desktop. Then, double-click on the file to open it. After this, click on the option select a program from a list of installed programs and then click on OK. Then, Select Google Chrome from the list of programs which appears following which the ASPX file can be opened using any latest Internet browser including Google Chrome. Next, to learn how to convert ASPX file to PDF, first open the ASPX file by using the above given options in Google Chrome.

Then, select the Ctrl key along with “P” to give the print command. Then, click on the change option which appears under the destination tab. Select the change option. After this, click on “Save as PDF”. Then, select the save option to save your ASPX file as a PDF file.

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How To Convert ASPX File To PDF In A Few Simple Steps


If you have an ASPX file and you need to convert it into PDF format, it is possible but there is no direct method. You have to do several conversions first before you can convert the file to PDF. To convert the file, first, make sure your computer is able to open and read an ASPX file.

In the first place, this is not a problem because ASPX files can be opened with your web browser. Right-click the ASPX file and select to open it with your web browser. Once the file is opened, on your web browser, press CTRL + P to initiate a print. In the “Print” dialog, select “Microsoft XPS Document Writer” as your printer then click “OK” or “Print”.

Select the location where you want to save the XPS file and click “Save”. Now, once the XPS file is created, go to XPS to PDF then upload the XPS file and convert it. And that’s it. Just download the resulting PDF file and you’re done. “ASPX” means “Active Server Page Extended” and it is designed for the Microsoft ASP.NET framework.

They are also called .NET Web forms. ASPX files are generated by a web server and contain scripts and source codes that help communicate with a web browser how a web page should be opened and displayed.

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