Difference between hard drives of same capacity

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Actually, my question is about choosing the right hard drive. How do we distinguish among hard drives of the same capacity? Is it distinguished because of their data processing speed or anything else? I want to know it. Can I know weather a hard disk's processing speed is fast or slow because of its label? Or is it like it has versions in it. Anyway, whatever it has because of data processing, I would like to know.

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Difference between hard drives of same capacity


Hello Willie!

There are many ways for us to distinguish hard drives according to their performance and generation.

Let’s see first what the types of Hard Drives are.

1.  IDE – Integrated Drive Electronics

2.  SATA – Serial Advanced Technology Attachment

3.  PATA – Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment

Transfer Speeds/Process Speeds

1.  IDE/PATA – can give 1.5 GB data transfer per second. In real time application this drives can reach only up to 100-150 MB of data transfer.

2.  SATA – can reach up to 2.5 GB data transfer per second. In real time it can transfer 600MB per second.

To determine how fast your drive is. You can check it with the label. Now to save your time by checking the hard drive information in your device manager.

1.  Right click My Computer / Computer, select Manage.

2.  Computer Management window will open and select Device Manager in the left side of the window. Hardware will be posted in the main window. Drop down the list by clicking the Arrow button. Right-click on the specific drive that you want to use and search the name of the device and model in the web and it will give all information about the drive.

3.  You can also use different system and tools that you can download free to test your data transfer rate.

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