Difference between Demo account and Forex tester

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Hello, Forex Experts! As a new trader, I am facing some technical problem in real trading software. I am worried to drive in real trading software. Actually, I am looking for a technical comparison between a demo account and Forex Tester. I need your help!

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Difference between Demo account and Forex tester


Hi dear

See here i discuss all everything.

Some traders prefer to train on a demo account and do not understand why they need a market simulator.  Demo account is a wonderful thing. It allows training without any risk losing real money and at the same time gaining all necessary trading skills and checking your trading system. But demo account has one very significant disadvantage – you may spend years on studying how to trade. Market changes quite slow, and you can not do anything about that. You can not control the time!

On demo account you do not have any opportunity to come back in time and correct a mistake. If you made a mistake, it will remain, spoiling your strategy statistics. But this is not a problem for Forex Tester! It works like a time machine, you can go back to any time, and it will restore all your closed trades and open positions to this moment. Now time is under your control!


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