One plus one overheting problem?

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Hey guys,

I'm experiencing heat up problem in my device which I never expected to happen as I really dislike this thing of getting heat up of devices to much extent. This thing scares me that my device may blast up. Please tell me what might be the reason of this problem and how to solve this. 

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One plus one overheting problem?


Hello Terrance

To start, there is no need to panic.

Let us investigate when does your mobile starts heating up.

(a) While playing games? This is a normal phenomena as games utilize of processing power, thus the heat.

(b) While charging? This is also normal to an extent, since the charging operation generates heat both in the charger and battery. This can turn fatal, if you are using it while charging, which is not recommended.

(c) Lastly, if your mobile is getting very hot even when it is idle, you need to immediately take it to the nearest service center and report the issue. Remove the battery from the mobile device and carry the mobile and battery separately.

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