Development issues in minecraft packages for unity 3d version

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Hi. My questions are directed to those who have played Minecraft. I am currently involved in an effort to create Minecraft packages in Unity 3d versions. So far, I have been doing fairly well but there are still some things I couldn’t figure out. One issue I’m facing is on how to add more textures into the main texture when a player clicks to destroy blocks so he could see how much damage is left. I would appreciate if someone could help me along in the development.

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Development issues in minecraft packages for unity 3d version




This issue you’re encountering is pretty much mind blowing. Well, the ‘Transparent Cutout Shaders’ could be much of help. It has a slider so as to alter the point textures lucidity set off from solid to translucent. It’ll create an excellent steady broken result with the procedure. This may not what you wish for but it builds an item seem ruptured.

1st is to make a texture to an figure editing program so as to sustain editing the alpha layer (transparent)

2nd Perform anything you feel like for the three texture optimization technique or RGB multi-channel texture.

3rd While at the alpha channel on a figure you should set a grayscale of a few sorts.

4th Convey the figure hooked on Unity then apply the consistency of a ‘Transparent Cutout Shaders’. Shift the slider to notice the texture getting progressively broken.


Hope this would have helped you even if this isn’t what you’re looking for.

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