Details About System 1219 Error.

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I am currently doing a project on networking. To test run this project I have opened up several connections and I disconnected them when I no longer needed it, but I still get system error 1219 saying that “Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by more than one user is not allowed.”. What should I do to disconnect all the connections?

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Details About System 1219 Error.


To disconnect all the connections that have opened up, open Command prompt and type in the following commands

> net use: this command will show all the network shares.

Then remove zombie mounts by using the following command

>net use /DELETE  \\zombie-srv\share

The main reason this kind of error occurs is because of the fact that multiple server connections lead to heavier load on the server in turn leading to a DDOS attack, so in the future if you want to connect to a server, make sure that all of your previous, unwanted connections to the server are closed and then try again to connect to the server.

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