IOS vs Android which is better?

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Which among these two are better OS for mobiles ?

iOS or Android.

Which OS provides more application ?

Which is user friendly ?

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IOS vs Android which is better?


Which one is the best? I think the question is not right, because the description of the answer depends on the user inclinations. Let's compare the three in demand OS and has been selected: Android 2.3, Windows Phone 7, and IOS 4.3.

User Interface

Apple sustain their outstanding formula for so long. This is the design of simple yet elegant iOS. Google tries to implement the freedom for users to alter and revise for their satisfaction.

Microsoft has an idea on the different looks of the iOS and Android OS. The iOS and Android preparation place an icon as their primary display, whereas Windows Phone is more on to the preparation of the boxes which will look very dull. iOS and Android shows icons to run applications as their primary display, whereas Windows Phone is used to access information such as to access unread emails, calendar schedules and more.

Apps and Openness

For various applications, options are available on iOS and Android devices to contend with each other, whereas Windows Phone are left behind. When it comes to openness, the open-source Android are on top while iOS and Microsoft has limitations on this release. User can get Android applications not only with Google and Android Market but also through other websites.

iOS and Windows Phone can only get applications through their providers, Apple and Microsoft. Google created applications that you can download anywhere but this will make your device at risk regarding security issues. When it comes to the quality of the applications, iOS and Android contend with each other. And the two doesn't have much differences.

Features and data integration

Android OS is loaded in features and get the highest position in this category. Although iOS does consists of some features that is not available with Android OS. Under this category, Windows Phone is on the last position, it doesn;t even have a Cut/Paste feature. In this case, the choice depends on the user's preferences. Some users are familiar with using Microsoft, Mac or Android devices.


Google has an idea of free users to modify the content of the Android OS. So as compared to the iOS and Windows Phone, Android is number one on this category. But iOS and Windows Phone are easy to use for novice users.

The decision of which OS is the best is still depends on the user's needs and habits. Android and iOS has almost the same number of users. While Windows Phone is the last on the list.

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IOS vs Android which is better?


Each OS provides different functions; they both have their unique features. Some might enjoy the Android but it doesn’t really mean that one is better than the other one.

There’s a one difference that really means a lot to every smartphone users, Android devices is a lot cheaper than iOS, if you want a high quality, very cheap device, or even a low quality smartphone, Android will provide it for you. However, Apple’s hardware is all very high quality and well designed.            

Android is more user friendly, because it fits your needs; you will have more options. Android knows what you want; having options is great especially when you are in search of a new mobile device. If you love options or choices you should get an Android, but an Apple IOS is a great OS too.

Based on my research, Android offers more free applications.

Here’s a video why Android is better than iOS:

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IOS vs Android which is better?


It depends on the user if iOS or Android will be better. For toddlers, grandmothers and those who are intimidated by computers, iOS is better than Android. For iOS, In general, have more applications that are easy to understand and use. While business person and other professionals prefer Android because vendors in mobile world like Motorola, HTC, LG, Dell, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and more already uses Android as their operating system.

This is a comparison of iOS and Android instead of answering which OS have more application. iOS have more and wide applications. And they are most likely to be the first one to have that particular application. But Android is always catching up and later on have the similar application that iOs have. Both iOS and Android are stable OS. Though it may look like applications aren't properly closed in Android, they are actually dormant and not consuming resources when sent to background or minimized. One of the things iOS doesn't allow is the freedom to customize your phone however you want it. This means that application developers are also given restricted function to everything. In Android, it is more flexible and as such, you'll have a more variety of android applications that can do funky things. 

For example, you could set a phone's profile to set your phone to silent every Sunday at 10:20 am at church. Or, there is also an application that keeps your mobile phone unlocked when you're at home. (by detecting your home's WiFi) There is no way you can do this on your iPhone. Every notification on iOS is just a single pop-up window and it will interrupt whatever you are doing at the moment. While Android is really smooth as notifications come up from the top of your screen in one line. In Android, everything feels integrated. After taking a picture on your camera, you have the option to share it. If you have a Twitter of Facebook installed, the share menu will contain sharing the photo to Twitter or Facebook. While in iOS, it feels like every application can only do their own thing and cannot be collaborated to one another somehow.

So which OS to choose? iOS or Android? Either way you can't go wrong. It depends whether you love customizing your phone the way you like it or not. If you are a techie person, you will love Android because you'll be a tinker of customizing around your phone. If you really don't bother to customize your phone, iOS looks better and apps have lovelier interface provided natively by iOS developer libraries. 

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