Dell system performance is very slow

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I am using one Dell system whose processor speed is 3.2GHZ and the Ram is 512 MB. My question is that my system is working too slowly and I have done all things like defragmentation, disk cleanup, deleted temporary internet files, deleted files in Temp and prefetched folder, but it is still working very slowly. Is there any other method to increase my System Speed?


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Dell system performance is very slow



Your system's slowness may be related to a lot of things like User's profile, registry, running programs, running services and other things.

               To perform the above mentioned tasks what you need is to improve your PC's Run-Time performance:

a) Right click on 'My Computer' then click on 'Properties'
b) On the Tab Pages click on 'Advanced'
c) Now under Performance click on 'Settings' button
d) Now under Visual Effects tab, select the radio button "Adjust for best performance"and press 'Apply' and then 'OK' button.

Now your are ready to perform the rest of the tips given. Just to understand what may cause this problem,

a) First try and open the task manager(CTRL+ALT+DEL) and check which process is using a lot of CPU and/or memory.
b) Once you find it, check if this is not system critical or a required program, then try and close this program.

Another tip that you can try is to start with a "clean" situation, that is to say you can disable all services/autoruns that may slow your system. To do this:

a) Click START
b) Select RUN
c) Type MSCONFIG and press enter

This will give you the opportunity to check/uncheck unwanted processes or simply restart your PC with the less "loaded" configuration.

 Please pay attention to the services and programs that you are planning to disable because this could bring instability to the system. Before stopping/disabling a service or program, first search on Google for the process name (eg: lsass.exe) and this will give you an idea of what you are stopping/disabling

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Dell system performance is very slow



The computer can be slowed down for many things. The chief reason is spyware, malware, viruses. Recent software installation is another cause. Here is a list of procedures for troubleshooting:
Spyware is unavoidable. It may come through cookies, freeware or shareware. There are other methods of installing spyware to a victim’s computer, too. Regardless of the way it installed, spyware can slow your PC dramatically.
To clean the spyware, some free software is needed. Ad Aware from Lavasoft is a good choice. The definition of spyware is updated regularly there. To scan your computer with Ad Aware, follow below steps:
1. Download Ad Aware – Lavasoft USA
2. Install the software. (Ad Aware is compatible with windows 9x, NT, 2000, XP)
3. Run the Application and update your spyware definitions.
4. Select drives to scan.
5. Scan your system.
6. Click next and quarantine the found spyware.
Viruses are terrible. But there are many ways to remove them. Coming through email is the preferred method for viruses. To avoid this, just make sure you don’t open any attachment that comes without informing you – ask everybody to contact you before sending any attachment.  
Scan computer regularly. The panda active scan is my recommendation. It is an online utility and truly free. Try scanning once a week. 
Bad Software:
There may be conflicts with the software. Or, some software is not written properly. When you install this software, it slows your computer down dramatically. If you notice your computer is slowing down after installing a new software, I would suggest running Ad Aware to check if the software comes with any spyware. If it has, that’s the reason. If it hasn’t then it may be for poorly written software or for software conflict.
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Dell system performance is very slow


1) Upgrade RAM

2) Run Reginout Scan.

3) Keep your antivirus program updated.

Thank you..

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Dell system performance is very slow



You have a significantly low amount of memory on a system with that much processing power. You most likely are already running a good number of applications at the same time, and this is causing the memory (Random Access Memory) to be completely filled.

The computer will then have to resort to using the page file for memory management and this will slow the computer down as page files are usually on hard drives. Try upgrading your memory capacity, this should help your computer handle more applications at a time and be able to perform faster.

Thank you. Hope it helps.

Clair june

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