DELL Laptop Touchpad is not Working

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My laptop is DELL VOSTRO 3400 series and I have been using it for over one year without having any problem. Operating system is Windows 7. But now the touch pad is not fully working. I have a little cousin who is also using my laptop to play video games. I am not sure that he did something wrong to damage it in my absence.

But there is no sign of scratching or any kind of black spot are there to ensure the physical damage. Is this happening for any kind of operating system error or any other physical part? Please, I need a complete guideline.

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DELL Laptop Touchpad is not Working


Hello Gibson,

I have few helpful solutions to solve your touchpad problem.

Occasionaly, Dell quickset utility get puzzled that's why you have to check your mouse/keyboard settings to set its functions properly. You can visit this dell website and download its latest drivers: Dell – Drivers and Downloads. These drivers control your computer hardware. Maybe a virus or your little cousin's harsh touches on the touchpad may have damaged your driver. If a person taps on it too hard, then for sure it will damage your pad.

Check your driver's status in the computer's device manager to make sure there is no little yellow exclamation point.

Another thing is, your touchpad or any touchpad's connection to the motherboard is very fragile. It can easily break down because of the heat or other internal problems. If there is no problem with the drivers after you have checked its status, then maybe the connection of your touchpad to the motherboard could be broken.

Laptops have Fn key called function key. If you have unintentionally pressed some of the Fn key, your laptop's touchpad will stop working. To make your touchpad work again:

  • Locate first the Fn key in your laptop – this is mostly placed beside the Ctrl key at the bottom left corner of the keypads
  • Then look for the keys which has an icon similar to the laptop, the keys are located on the upper part of the keypads with F1-F12 keys.
  • Then press down both Fn key and the F key touchpad icon to enable your laptop's touchpad.

Your touchpad problem can also be solved when you drain the flea power. This flea power shows that the motherboard is receiving power. To do this, you must Turn off your laptop

  • Remove all your external devices and if applicable – disconnect your AC adapter power cable from the system.
  •  Remove the battery
  • Press down the power button for at least 5 seconds
  • Insert the battery back to your laptop
  • Turn on your laptop. 

Clean also your touchpad. Do not use it with moist and dirty hands to avoid damage. Touchpad works well in a moderate temperature.    

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DELL Laptop Touchpad is not Working


Try checking the Mouse and Pointing Devices setting in your computer and check if the touchpad has been accidentally disabled by the last person who used it. You can also check if there is a switch on your computer that turns the touchpad on and off, it may have been turned off accidentally. Such a switch is used by some laptop models so that they won’t have any problems typing and hitting the touchpad or when they have a mouse that they can use.

Run Dell’s PSA Diagnostics as well and check if it can find any faults on the touchpad’s functionality.

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