Issue with hp 625 over heating often

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Got an issue with hp 625 over heating often. This is barely new so I don't think there would some issues with the cooling fan unless if it's a factory defect. I'm also so keen on making sure vents are not covered to give it some more air. Share tips on how to minimize this inconvenience.

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Issue with hp 625 over heating often


This is a common issue among Hp users. HP laptops and notebooks are known to overheat quite often.

Yet you can use these tips

1. Try to clean he air vents reuglarly and check if the air fan is working.

2. Do not use the notebook on a surface that may block the air vents.

3. Try using a cooling pad(Thermal Pads).

4. Try updating your BIOS.

5. Sometimes dust can accumulate inside the Notebook decreasing the fan efficacy

6. Use a software that monitors the CPU temperature and Fan speed.

Like SpeedFan and HWMonitor; These softwares will give you an idea about what's going on with the CPU temperature and the fan speed

7. If the problem is still present or get worse you should take it to a technician to examine it.


Note: AMD processor gets much hotter than Intel.


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