Dell laptop is not turning on with the adapter plugged in

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My Dell laptop is not turning on. I reseated the battery and the power adapter but nothing changed. I tried turning it on using only the battery and it worked, but if I have the power adapter plugged into the laptop, the power button only blinked for a second and nothing else happened. What the hell is wrong with my laptop? 

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Dell laptop is not turning on with the adapter plugged in


The battery and the laptop work fine. The adapter is the problem.

Laptop adapters offer an output of 19.5 to 22 Volts at 4.6 or 5 Amperes. Every laptop motherboard has a resistive protection that cancels any kind of high voltages or currents that start to travel through the circuit. This automatically sends a signal that shutdown any components, thus leaving your laptop unwilling to power on until the necessary input voltage is received.

However, do not plug in the AC adapter anymore. It might be an AC rectifier inside that is faulty it doesn't convert the alternative current to direct current, as it's necessary for the laptop to function properly.

I recommend in buying a new AC adapter because there is no point in fixing the one you have right now. It might cost you less if you repair it, but you don't know if it will function properly. Find an AC adapter for the same laptop model with the same specifications.


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