Weird sounds produced by laptops

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I just notice that everytime i play HD games on my laptop, the fan always produce a loud sound.

Do you think that i need a replacement ?

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Weird sounds produced by laptops


Hi there , 

It seems you need help regarding the loud noise coming out of Laptop when playing High end games.

Absolutely you do not need to concern about that . If you Fan is making noise always and you find it fishy then only you need to check or send for replacement or repair.

I will tell you what is happening inside your Laptop when you play high end games.

Your Laptop or all new laptops are equipped with a PWM controller and a PWM fan( Pulse width modulation ). This works much different than old cooling techniques. This detects the temperature and increase or decrease the RPM or simply the speed of the fan so that the colling is done accordingly.

When you use a high end program or games the graphics card and processor runs almost on full load which increases the temperature rapidly so the temperature sensor detects it and sends signal to the fan to increase its speed , 

This is why sound is increased . 

Don't worry about that .

Good luck.

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Weird sounds produced by laptops


Hey Wexler huddard!

There is no need to worry about this thing. It’s a normal act. The reason behind the fans loud sound is that, it consumes more power when you play High Definition games on your laptop. It is not the fault of your laptop. Every laptop produces loud sound when we do some heave work with our graphics.

However you can use cooling pads under your laptop they will help in keeping the temperature of your laptop normal, otherwise many laptops heat ups when we try to do work with some High Definition programs.

I hope that you understand it.


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