Screen Flicker Problem cloned images below display

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My COMPAQ laptop CQ40 display is flickering with horizontal line.

I already plug-it to a external monitor and it works fine .

I'm seeing a copy of the top opened windows below my display and still flickers with horizotal lines and clone images.

What is the problem of my display? Is it a video card or LCD or its Flex?

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Screen Flicker Problem cloned images below display


Hello fenellagrove,

It’s good to know that you have isolated basically your Compaq CQ40 by having a connection in external monitor and found a result that flickering horizontal line did not appear. The problem is more probably the LCD screen which is defective and need to replace immediately if it has a warranty left. I’ll just give you an idea if you will have to replace new LCD screen make sure try to ask the date of the LCD screen produce because the present date it produced the better they improvised or enhanced more, the quality of LCD screen. In addition try to be more sensitive by allowing to double check LCD inverter and cable connection with the service technician so that in the long run used of your laptop there are no hassle to encounter especially every time you move the LCD screen up and down several times.

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