Iphone 5s screen will not rotate

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I have an iPhone 5s. My son played on it for a few minutes and now when I use it, the screen no longer rotates. I used to be able to turn the display around and the screen rotates but now it only stays on one side. Is there a setting that can be changed? Or is the screen broken now?

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Iphone 5s screen will not rotate


It's a problem with the screen rotation lock.

Follow these steps to resolve the problem:

1. First you must verify that the screen rotation lock is off. Do this by swiping from the bottom of the screen so you can display the Control Center.

1.a.) Tap the screen rotation lock button to highlight it. This means the your screen is locked and it will not rotate. Tap it again to deactivate it.

1.b) If your screen rotation lock icon was not highlighted when you opened the Control Center, then proceed to step 2.

2. Restart your device so that a system recalibration will occur.

3. If the issue still persists, then it would be best for you to back up and restore your device. You can do this by using iTunes to back up and sync any content on your phone, then connect your device to the computer using its cable, then select your device from the list. After that, a Restore Device option will appear as a button next to your phone. Select that option then wait until the device returns to its factory settings.



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