Deleting a certain contact from email addresses

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There is a problem that has been recurring with my email whereby in the recent contacts a certain user email is joined with the rest of the mail. When I go to that person’s email I get the joined mail. On asking for a solution from a few people I was informed that I should delete all the recent contacts. 

I am not sure if this is true and if there is some other way of correcting the situation please let me know.

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Deleting a certain contact from email addresses


If you don’t want a certain recipient to receive an email but was added in a group list, you’ll have to delete that recipient’s email address from your group lists. It is not different from removing a contact name from your phone group list to avoid sending that person a group message that you do not intend him to receive. 

To have that recipient remove from the group, all you have to do is go in the list of names of your contacts, click on the name you would like to remove, then on the “Contact Group” tab, and in the “Members” group. After that, just click on “Remove Member”, and presto! You won’t have to worry about that person receiving messages that were not intended for him.  

And don’t you worry, he will still be in your contact’s list in any case you need to send him a separate email, all you did was remove him from the group’s list and not from the actual contact list.

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