Creation of DVD files was not successful

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Hi guys, I am posting here in techyv my problem converting my video file to a cellphone compatible file, I am using cloneDVD mobile, to convert my files, while using cloneDVD an error message appeared on my screen, it is telling me that the file I am converting might be corrupted, see below the error screen shot.

Creation of DVD files was not successful.

invalid block state code

Encoder output:

Cannot get Console handle of stdout.

Try appending the scale filter to your filter list.

e.g. vf app.scale instead of vf app.

[swscaler @ 00D0EEC4]720X576 → 320x 180

a52: error at resampling

One or more blocks might be corrupted by a prior copying

Process or by the source device covering critical read errors.

Try copying the video files to your harddrive (again) and retry.

   Details                                                                                               OK

When I follow on the instruction stated above to copy again the video file, same error message was generated, I also tried other file, same error was generated, so I removed and re install CloneDVD, when I try to use it again, same error persisted, please help me solve this problem, thanks.

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Creation of DVD files was not successful


Hello, this issue might have happen varies reason, you should stand on the step by step process to proceed on the work around to fix the issue. So you will have to start from the physical and should end with the logical peripheral of the computer components. That is you should start from the hardware that  is you should make sure that the DVD player is connected well to the computer machine. If not pug it clearly. If its connected well, event though you should unplug and pug it again. Then check with the dvd drive the proper driver has installed in the OS, if both the terminology is good then you should reconsider of the data you are writing is good or not.

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Creation of DVD files was not successful


This might be a issue of encoding problem. The dvd file that you want to convert is too differ with the resolution of your mobile. Some softwares cannot encode exactly with old version. Try xilisoft video converter. make a Google search to get the proper software that is best suit for you.

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