Creating Loops in assembly language

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In assembly language, in the looping structure is it necessary to give a capital name?

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Creating Loops in assembly language



 I have a solution for your problem. The solution is that as there are many methods used for creating loops.
The simplest method for creating loop is by specifying how many times your code is supposed to loop. This can be implemented by loading the loop count into the ECX register. Afterwards, you have to start your code block. The label will then indicate the point that your loop will return to after it has completed the iteration of the loop.
Here is the main code in which you would like to execute into your loop. Lastly, you can finish the completion of your code with the following Loop instruction, the specified label name will be given as a parameter:
   ;Main code block goes here.
LOOP mylabel
Here is a chart which helps you to sort out the problem.
Hope it works.

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