Sample of assembly language codes?

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I want to develop a game console but nothing specific yet. Can you please forward some sites where there are different samples of assembly language codes?

Thanks guys.

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Sample of assembly language codes?


Hello Martin,

If you want to develop a gaming console, first you should decide about the architecture of that console meaning memory bit, registers and all that. Anyway, to begin assembly programming, I have listed three very excellent websites which can provide you with a very good guidance toward learning the assembly language. The sites are –




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Sample of assembly language codes?


Hi Martin,


I have never encounter a game console using an Assembly Language. Based on my experience it popularly used in embedded systems and in low level programming.  Systems like chips or integrated circuits, microcontroller and other machines.  Most game consoles these days are programmed using the latest programming languages like Java or those for applications like Android.
But if you I can give you a few sources to get you going.  Here are sites that can provides tutorials and free source codes written in Assembly Language.

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