I have bee interested in the forex bit count and wanted to know the minimum hardwire requirement for me me get this going? Is there a way that I can run this bit coin on someone else's machine as in sharing tasks to ease and improve on performance? How much is the overall cost to setup this?

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Hello! I have been working on high level languages from a long time. But assembly language is not my strong area, can someone suggest some good books to learn assembly language. Also let me know if I should use Turbo assembler, Microsoft Macro Assembler or Net wide Assembler for assembly language? Which one is easy to use?

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How is both translated as compiled languages ​​into machine language faster assembly. I am about to be really compiled languages ​​are spoken in native code not C # or Java, which translated to an intermediate language that is compiled by a software interpreter, etc. and then compiled into native code .

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Hi. I am working on an awesome project of micro controller but there is a problem with hex file. As hex file contains machine code information and it is difficult to edit and read hex file by simple editor. Is there any nice bulk hex file editor to make changes and update file in a convenient way?

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Am new to programming with assembly , and am having problem with Assembly code for calculator.

I want to know how can I do arithmetic operations with negative numbers, and if anyone can provide me a simple code so I can understand better.



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Hi all,

I would like to have a simple assembly source code for calculator. I searched on the internet and was unable to find the same. Can anyone help me to find the assembly source code for calculator from internet and can anyone able to provide me the same. Please do the needful.

Thank You,

Glenda W Larson

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Hi guys, I am planning to create an alarm clock in assembly language. Can you give me links to alarm source code assembly language sites? Thanks guys

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Techyv! I'm a freshman taking up Architecture. I've heard assembler portable is the universal language of Architectures.It will be a great help if someone could give me some inputs about it for a good head start. Thanks in advance.

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I want to develop a game console but nothing specific yet. Can you please forward some sites where there are different samples of assembly language codes?

Thanks guys.

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I want to write a assembly code for resistors but I am not able to figure out the assembly language for color code of resistors.

Can I just put in the basic codes and then write a code for different values?

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